Fabio Araujo is a designer from Brasil who now lives in Abu Dhab. With over 6 years experience in Photo-retouching, Matte Paint and Creative Artworking, Fabio produces high quality digital art that we often feature on our @manipulation.clan Instagram feed.  Below we have presented a handful of Fabio’s work, along with a closer look at “The World Is Yours”

Awesomeness from Fabio’s portfolio

The World Is Yours

Fabio recently produced the artwork below called “The World Is Yours”. In this work he has used all the images from his travels to create an image to remind himself of those great times, fantastic idea! What Fabio says..

I began working as a designer when I was 28-years-old and discovered that I was indeed passionate about designing. It was also around the same time that I started travelling and discovering the world.
Most of my works have been inspired by my travels—landscapes, cultures and people encountered in each of my journeys.
I started this project during my Euro trip; I usually put my money away, not buying souvenirs in my trips instead just soaking in the surrounding and appreciating each place and the time spent. I always thought about creation and how I could carry out images with those places inside my mind. So, I stored all the sights and sounds of the place in my memory and worked on bringing them alive through my skills.
I have been to several places and I wish to visit other amazing places around the world. Thus, based on all my trips I have created an image of these places as seen through my eyes. A souvenir more precious than any thing bought. It is my way of remembering the places, consequently practicing and improving my skills in Photoshop.
I hope you enjoy! 

The images

The final image 

The close ups

You can check out more of Fabios work on his Behance


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