Antoni Tudisco was born and raised in Germany by my Filipina mother and my Italian father. In his bio, Antoni states he started drawing at a really young age. Sketching and drawing, or in Antoni’s words… “Scribbling”. The rustic style clearly developed and became a trademark of Antoni’s work, which is now highly recognizable.

Antoni also mentions that once he discovered Photoshop, he was fascinated, learning every single command…

The first time I heard about the Adobe Software’s, I left no stone unturned and learned every command all by myself. Since then, Adobe and I were like best friends.

After learning and mastering Photoshop, Antoni then moved onto more complex 3D software to further improve his skills. Although challenging it’s clear that his had a big impact on his path, 3D elements can now be seen in most of Antoni’s creations.

Then I tried taking another step [up] and tried doing 3D designs and videos. It was hard at first because I had to understand and do everything all alone, but because of hard work and enthusiasm, it turned out to be a success

Believe it or not, all of this happened before he reached the age of 18. At 18, Antoni received his national diploma and stated to be recognized by other artists, agents and agencies. Since then Antoni has worked for some huge companies such as MTV, BMW, MINI, Wella, KLM and many more.

Onto the artwork…

Below we have presented some great work from Antoni’s portrait projects. Although this is not ordinary portraiture, it’s unique, wacky and at times, outrageous! We love it though and I’m sure you guys will as well, the bright colors used throughout are insanely eye catching and the concepts draw your attention.


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