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We’ve hand picked the best instructors in the industry, each with vast amounts of Photoshop experience! Learn form the experts.

Who wants to be restricted? We don’t, and we’re sure you don’t. That’s why we’re live 24/7. Access any time, any place.


New Courses

We add a minimum of 2 courses to our course library every month; enabling our learners to constantly improve through new content and learnings.


New Courses

We listen to our community. New content is always based on what our users request and need. This is your platform.


The courses we provide are always current, allowing you to learn the latest in design trends.

Constant Delivery

New courses are delivered twice a month; once at the start and one at the end. There’s always new things to learn.


Industry Leaders

There’s no better teachers than industry leaders. Our hand selected course creators have a combined experience for 30+ years in the design sector.


Expert Instruction

Our courses are refined by online learning experts to ensure they’re clear and precise.

32 Years of Experience

Experience matters, especially with a tool like Photoshop. Our Instructors pass on their extensive knowledge to enable you on your journey to becoming a Photoshop master.

The Learning Process

We have a refined learning process that includes text, process gifs, videos and detailed explanations. We combine both practical and theoretical approaches to ensure the knowledge is absorbed.



We provide everything you need to help you on your learning path. All resources are included for every course.


PSD Files

We provide fully layered PSD files for you to download and have a play.

Stock Images

Every stock image you need is provided for free! Not a single image is missed, we promise!

Unlimited Downloads

Download as many PSD files and stock images that your hard drive can handle! There’s no restrictions here.


Unlimited Access

You’ll receive 24/7 access to our platform allowing you to learn at your own pace, any time of the day, 365 days a year.


24/7 Access

We understand that each person learns in their own unique way. You can tailor your learning experience to your unique learning pattern. In the Am, in the PM, it’s your choice.

Any Location

Access your account anywhere in the world. Our content delivery network provides lightning fast speeds wherever you are in the world.

Access New Courses

As a member you’ll have access to all of the new courses that are added to site (a minimum of 2 courses a month).


Progress Tracking

Your progress is tracked so you can clearly see where you are on the Photoshop learning curve.


Lesson Tracking

See what lessons you’ve completed on each course allowing you to pick up where you left off.

The Learning Curve

The Photoshop learning curve is quite extensive. Our tracking tools help you understand and tackle this curve.

Course Tracking

Seeing your learning progress is a great motivator. That’s why you can clearly see what courses you’ve completed, started, and finished.



We love our community and we’re confident you’ll love being part of it. We listen to our users, provide for our users, and move forward together.



We run contests to encourage you to use the new skills that you’ve learnt. Prizes are available to incentivise our competitions (provided by us and our exciting partners!).


Who doesn’t love a freebie? We’ve been known to write the odd eBook here and there. All of which will be accessible and free to our members.


We like to reward our loyal members. We do so by providing exclusive offers and discounts.