One look at Photoshop’s menus and you begin to realise just how extensive and complex Photoshop can be. It’s packed full of features and options to help you create magic. All of these options and features can be accessed through the menus.

What we will do in this course is give you an overview of what each menu is used for. We won’t be going into detail about each menu item.

When we talk about menus, we are referencing the the main menus displayed across the top of Photoshop (as seen in the screenshot below)

Within the menus You may notice that some menu commands are followed by ellipses (…). This indicates a command, which is followed by a dialog box where you can enter additional settings. Some menu commands are followed by a right-pointing arrow. This indicates a submenu of related commands.

When learning Photoshop’s menus there is no need to memorize every single item. As you use Photoshop you will become familiar with the menus, and where menu items are located. Once you know the basics, you will have a rough idea of which menu is needed for each task.

So let’s jump in and have a look…