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So now we have our scene set, it’s time to pay some attention to the supercar. In the next few lessons, we are going to make some changes and adjustments to give a super clean look and make the car really pop!!

39. Create new layer above all other layers > Name: REMOVE THE CARD > Clip it to the SUPERCAR layer

40. Clone the paper card on the front window (use the Clone Stamp Tool, sample: Current & Below)

See the result…

41. Select 2 top layers

42. Duplicate them

43. Merge the layers > Rename: REMOVE THE EXCESS REFLECTIONS

44. Clone all excess environment reflections on the car body (use the Clone Stamp Tool and Patch Tool)

Take your time with this task. Make sure to zoom out and observe the changes that you make. It’s an important step and also a step that requires accuracy. See the result…

45. We need to keep some good reflections to give a realistic look

46. Remove the excess objects (like other cars, trees, people)

47. Try to make all surfaces very smooth and polished

48. You can remove this palm reflection too, but I decided to keep it (it gives some pretty nice detail)

49. Also clean the reflection on the carbon and plactic elements

50. Clip the REMOVE THE EXCESS REFLECTIONS layer to the SUPERCAR layer