By default, Photoshop will automatically save your work as you go, the way this operation works can affect the overall performance. This is a great feature and can save you from losing hours of work (thanks Photoshop). So we advise reducing the setting to improve performance, but don’t disable it.

So let’s take a look at how to change the Auto Save & Recovery options and how they affect you

16. Edit > Preferences > File Handling

17. You will see the setting: Automatically Save and Recovery Information Every:

Click on the drop down and select an option

19. So what settings should you choose?

This is dependent on the files that you are working on and the power of your machine (remember, reducing the time between auto saves could lead to a loss of work).

If the files you are working on are large (+100mb) and you machine is not too powerful, then saving every 5 minutes could cause slowdowns. If this is the case then, you may want to increase the auto save time.

If you are working on smaller files (-50mb) then the auto save functionality will run smoother.

If your system is intermittently slowing down, then this could be caused by the auto save feature. If you notice performance issues while the Save Progress bar is moving, decrease the frequency of auto saves

20. If Autosave is causing you issues, you can turn this setting off. Simply uncheck the checkbox, then hit Ok