Before we explain how to adjust your history states, let’s briefly explain what they are.

Photoshop remembers each action that you take, this allows you to “Undo” and “Redo” specific actions; in the same way you can Undo and Redo in most applications.

The difference here is Photoshop calls this the “History”.

So how does the History affect performance?
Photoshop gives you the ability to adjust the amount of History states it remembers. Ranging from 1000 to 0. The more history states that Photoshop remembers, the more it will affect the performance.

By default the history states is set to 20, we can adjust this in the settings. Let’s get cracking…

10. Edit > Preferences > Performance

11. You will see the History States option available on the right hand side

12. Click on the Drop down arrow > Drag the slider to adjust the amount