In this course, we have learned to combine multiple images and create a beautiful ideas explosion manipulation. The final images clearly portray the thoughts of the young boy and what he may have on his mind.

As we have done in previous courses we used layer masks to cut all the images from their backgrounds and place them in our document. This technique is a great way to work non-destructively and make alterations to your selections at a later date.

Once we had all our images in place it was then time to make sure that all the images blended correctly. To do this we used Levels, Hue/Saturation, Selection Color and Vibrance. This is a technique that takes a little time to master, but the more you look at images and the more you practice, the more naturally this will come.

To finish off our image we used a fairly simple way to Retouch the boys skin with Blur and Adding Noise.

Final image (hover to zoom)

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