211. Add Vibrance > Set Vibrance -20 and Saturation +20

This will reduce the overall vibrance and increase the saturation of the colors. See the result…

212. Select > All

213. Edit > Copy Merged

214. Edit > Paste

215. Create New Layer RETOUCHING

216. Use Clone Stamp Tool, Size 10 px, Hardness 0%, Sample: Current & Below > Retouch All Visible Defects on the Objects, Boy and Background

This is your final chance to remove imperfections from your artwork. Zoom in, have a good look around and correct any little blemishes, mistakes or areas that need improvement.

The changes can be subtle, but every little correction helps produce a flawless result. I cloned some of the Skittles, the top of the ear and the collar of the T-Shirt. See the result (look closely)…

217. Select Two Top Layers

218. Duplicate Layers > Merge Layers > Rename SHARPENING

219. Convert to Smart Objects

220. Filter > Other > High Pass

221. Set Radius: 1 px

222. Set Blending Mode — Overlay > Create Layer Mask and fill with black

223. Select a soft White Brush > Make Selection on the Image’s Accents (Hair, Objects, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ear, T-Shirt). These are the areas that we want to sharpen and bring into focus.

See the sharpened results…

224. Select > All

225. Edit > Copy Merged

226. Edit > Paste > Rename Layer — FINISH

227. Select All Layers and Groups without Layer FINISH

228. Make Group WORK > Enjoy the Results!