42. Now create a new blank layer below your “Light & Dark” Curves layers. Name it “Haze” and use the eyedropper tool to sample a light blue color from within the doorway. Using that color and a very feathered brush, paint a sort of hazy smoke overflowing from the doorway.

43. Change the blend mode for this layer to Soft Light.

44. Now add more smoke to the doorway behind the falling man. To do so we will create a new blank layer under our original smoke layer and name it “DOOR Smoke”.

45. (This step could have happened earlier when we were first painting smoke, it doesn’t matter. You can add as much smoke and light as you want, it’s all preference.). Create a new blank layer and name it “HILL Smoke”

46. With any light blue color from the doorway, paint some random smoke patterns on the hill. These don’t have to look that good because we will be blurring and blending them.

47. Go Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and adjust the amount of blur as needed.

48. Now change the blend mode for “HILL Smoke” to Soft Light

49. I went back to the “Light & Dark” Curves Layers and toned down the amount of light coming from the door using a Feathered brush on the respective layer masks. (Photoshop is a seemingly endless game of adjusting and readjusting.)