51. Arguably the most important aspect of Photo Manipulation is the color story and tonal adjustments. The following is just the way I like to edit these aspects of my imagery. The colors should always match the mood and story of an image. We start by creating a Hue/Saturation layer on top of everything. Change the Blend Mode to Color so we don’t affect our tones. Bring down the Saturation a bit to make room for our own colors to be added later. I also adjusted the Hue a little.

52. Next, create a Curves Layer with the Blend Mode set to Luminosity and adjust brightness as needed

53. To get a nice pop of contrast I use a Black & White adjustment layer with the blend mode set to Soft Light. This usually looks way too strong so bring the opacity down to about 50%

54. Now make another Curves layer with the Blend Mode set to Color. We will adjust the Blues and Reds separately to make our own color story.

55. The falling man is a little too dark after these adjustments so we will give him his own Curves layer and make it affect only him by clipping it to the “Man” layer.

56. adjust brightness as needed

57. Lastly, I added just a bit more smoke to the upper parts of the doorway using the same method as before.