20. First, temporarily hide the “Man” layer group and the door layer by clicking on the eye icons on these layers

21. Next, with the background layer selected, go to Select > Color Range…

22. A new window will appear, prompting you to choose colors within the image to select. There is a Fuzziness slider to adjust how specific it will be to the colors you’ve selected. The range slider determines how big the selection radius will be. I’ve picked Fuzziness: 181 and Range: 55. You may have to click multiple times using the eye droppers provided: [+] to add colors (grass), and [-] to take away undesired colors (mainly the sky). Click “OK” when done.

23. You should now have a nice selection of only the grass. Now reveal the layer and layer group we hid earlier by clicking the eye icons once more.

24. Go Select > Inverse to select the opposite so that we can create layer masks on our layer, which will remove the areas where the grass is.

25. Now click on the door layer and click the New Layer Mask button at the bottom for a new layer mask made out of the selection we made earlier.

26. Click on the “Man” group layer, then go Select > Reselect

27. This will give you the same exact selection as before.

28. Click on the New Layer Mask button again

29. Use the lasso tool to select laces from top shoe

30. Copy and paste to line up with lower shoe

31. Switch laces blend mode to Darken