By default Photoshop will use 70% of RAM. You can adjust this is the performance settings of the preferences. Do bare in mind if you multi task (have lots of applications open) then increasing the amount of RAM Photoshop can use may affect the performance of other applications. That being said, increasing the amount of RAM allocated to Photoshop is a great way to improve performance. So here is how you do it…

1. Edit > Preferences > Performance

2. Within the Performance window you will see the Memory Usage section. There are a few options displayed here.

Available RAM: The amount of RAM inside you PC/Mac
Ideal Range: This is the amount of RAM that Photoshop suggests
Let Photoshop Use: This is where you can adjust the amount of RAM allocated to Photoshop. You can type in a number or click and drag the slider

3. Increase the Amount of RAM Allocated to Photoshop (you should only go up in small increments, about 5%, analyse performance, then adjust accordingly).

4. Click Ok > Close Photoshop > Reopen Photoshop

For the changes to take effect Photoshop must be restarted.

5. Analyse performance. Once the amount of allocated RAM has been changed, you should monitor your performance to see how Photoshop is performing. If you are still having trouble, then increase by 5%. As a general rule of thumb, if you increase your settings above 85% it could start to affect other applications, making your system unstable. We advise that you don’t go above 85%

The BEST solution to any RAM issues you are having is to add more physical RAM into your computer!


  1. moonjan8

    I have 32GB RAM and the best performance was when I let Photoshop use 92%, but I still got some hard times whn making selections. Specially when I’m refining my selection. I have PS CC