(I0005) Download Assets: Snowboard vs Surfer Stock Images
Girl in a jacket

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47. File > Place Embedded

48. Place SURFING_Stock_Image.jpg

49. Press Enter

50. Duplicate Layer SURFING_Stock_Image

51. Rasterize Layer

52. Rename > SURFER > Hide previous Layer

53. Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal

54. Now we need to choose the right position for this image

55. Set Opacity: 50% > Now we can see the below as well. Allowing us to choose the position better.

56. Edit > Free Transform

57. Scale and Move

58. Choose the right position and size > Press Enter

59. Set Opacity back to 100%

60. Use the Clone Stamp Tool

61. Set size: 200 px. Hardness: 0 px

62. Hold Alt > Take a sample (part of the wave)

63. Clone the wave (on the empty area on the right)