(I0012) Download Assets: Supercar Stock Images
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1. File > New > 297x210mm, 300 dpi, RGB Color

2. File > Place Embedded > Select Supercar_Stock_1

3. Duplicate layer > Hide previous layer > Rasterize layer > Rename: SUPERCAR > Move down

4. Make a selection on the Layer mask (use the Pen Tool for best accuracy, alternatively you can use the Lasso Tool)

You want to create a nice clean selection with no harsh edges. See the result…

5. See the Layer Mask

6. Duplicate the SUPERCAR layer > Move down on the Layers panel

7. Make a new selection on the Layer mask. We want to reveal the shrub and the brickwork flooring. (Again, use the Pen Tool or Lasso Tool)

See what we are looking to achive. The car, floor and the shrub are now visible…

8. See the Layer Mask

9. Create new layer above the road Layer > Name: ROAD RETOUCHING

10. Clear all defects on the road. This includes any marks or staines on the brickwork and imperfections in the bush (use the Clone Stamp Tool or Patch Tool)

See the before and after with the imperfections removed. Pay attention to the brickwork and the bush…

11. Copy the green bush from the right side and place it on the left side (use Free Transform to correct the perspective ) > Rename the Layer: BUSH

See the result…

12. Add an Exposure Adjustment layer above the BUSH Layer

13. Clip it to the BUSH layer (To create the Clipping Mask, hold down “Atl” and click between the two Layers. Alternatively, right click on the Layer > Create Clipping Mask)

14. Set -0,50 / -0,0500 / 0,80

With this exposure adjustment Layer, we have made the bush darker. This better matches the lighting within out scene. See the result…

15. Select 5 layers above the Background layer

16. Create a group from layers

17. Name: ROAD