(I0005) Download Assets: Snowboard vs Surfer Stock Images
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36. Add Levels Adjustment Layer above all other Layers

37. Set Value > 2,00 in Grey

This will heavily brighten the whole image. However, we only want to brighten certain parts of the image. So in the next steps we are going to fill the Layer Mask with black, to hide the adjustment. Then use the brush tool to reveal the adjustment on our selected areas.

38. Use the Paint Bucket Tool

39. Fill the Layer Mask in black color #000000

40. Use the Brush Tool

41. Set size: 50 px, Hardness: 0 px

42. Open Color Picker > Select white color #ffffff

43. Draw on the area behind the snowboarder (the area shown in the screenshot)

As you can see in the process gif below the area behind the snowboarder is much brighter, which is exactly what we wanted to achieve.

44. See the Layer Mask

45. Hide all three Levels Adjustment Layers > Look how it was before

46. Show all three Levels Adjustment Layers > See how it looks after

The process gif show all three adjustment Layers before and after. You can clearly see just how much of a difference the Adjustment Layers have made to our image. The snow wave looks much more intense, the snowboarder is much brighter and the area behind the snowboarder is much brighter. The image looks much better now that we have made these adjustments.