(I0005) Download Assets: Snowboard vs Surfer Stock Images
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26. Add Levels Adjustment Layer above all other Layers

27. Set Value > 20 in Black

28. Set Value > 0,70 in Grey

29. Set Value > 230 in White

This will make the whole image much more intense. We are now going to reduce the effects of this Adjustment Layer by making a selection on our Layer Mask. We only want the selection to be applied to the large spray of snow. Here is how you do it…

30. Open Color Picker > Select black color #000000

31. Use the Gradient Tool > Select option: from black to transparent

32. Make the first gradient fill (the direction shown in the screenshot)

33. Make the second gradient fill (the direction shown in the screenshot)

34. See the result: we highlight the snow wave

This makes the snow wave look more like a water wave, which will give us a much better blend when we blend the surfer. See the result…

35. See the Layer Mask