(I0005) Download Assets: Snowboard vs Surfer Stock Images
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12. Add Levels Adjustment Layer

13. Set Value > 1,30 in Gray

14. Set Value > 240 in White

The Levels Adjustment Layer will heavily brighten the whole image, as seen in the gif below. In the next few steps we are going to make a selection on out Layer Mask so the brightness is only applied to the snowboarder.

15. Use Lasso Tool

16. Make a selection around the snowboarder

17. Select > Inverse

18. Open Color Picker > Select black color #000000

19. Use the Paint Bucket Tool

20. Fill selection on the Layer Mask

The brightness will now only be applied to the snowboarder. In the before and after below you can clearly see how the Levels Adjustment has effected the snowboarder. He is now much brighter which better matches our scene.

21. Select > Deselect

22. Use Gradient Tool

23. Select option: from black to transparent

24. On the Layer Mask, make a gradient fill on the bottom part of the snowboarder (Legs). This is to hide the adjustment (darken) the lower part of the snowboarders legs.

You can see in the process gif below how the snowboarder’s legs are now darker. The legs are further from the light source so they would naturally be darker.

25. See the Layer Mask