I always try to search something useful inside Photoshop. But from time to time,there come a trick that really blow my mind. I believe I can show you few.

1. Blend If

Do you feel like a shadow of another person? Your layers could feel like that too.

Perfect if you want a layer to appear just on specific parts of the underlying picture based on pixel brightness. Lets say that you want to see the layer just in shadows of another picture, this is where BLEND IF property comes in. It could be used creatively in so many ways.

2. Black&White

Need some help with selections? Do not search for a tutorial, call for Black&White.

I especially use this when I want to isolate some greenery, that is shot against the sky. Instead of just simple desaturate, with Black&White you can use the color to help you increase the contrast between your subjects. You can use it in many scenarios, where your desired object is isolated in some contrast colors.

3. Actions

Will make you quick like a Bill Murray coffee dreams.

There are many tutorials about actions out there, but maybe you haven’t thought about them this way. Actually a very simple and strong way.

Using actions, I have recorded some simple commands and assigned them to Fs. It speeds my workflow greatly. Have a look at the chart and I’m sure you will get it. Maybe you can even inspire and find some more simple yourself.Talking about keyboard shortcuts, I have remapped the most used ones nearer the left Control, so my hand doesn’t have to travel so much distant.

F4 – remove background 
F6 – make new layer

F8 – delete current layer

 F9 – set layer to Overlay

 F10 – set layer to Screen

 F11 – set layer to Color

 F12 – set layer to Multiply

4. Boost

It is like to get rid of the fog, instantly.

This one is just about the matter of realization. Either you do it or you should.

I see a lot of people fighting with some low contrast areas and at the end they even make it worse.

5. Keep the color

Never separate the twins, but you are welcome to with the color and brightness.

Do you want to use overlay without a worry of wired color shifts?

Sometimes you just want to stabilize the color of a picture and just work on brightness. But when you do a lot of post-production, it might happen that your color will shift in some parts. It could destroy the skin tones of a model or bring up some strange color noise.

To solve this, we can separate the color from brightness and work on the one by one. To do this juts duplicate the picture and set it to Color blending mode. Now if you work on the layer underneath, you are working just with a pixel brightness of a picture and afterwards you can deal with color on your upper layer.

Thanks for reading and I would be grateful if you could share some of your tricks in comments as well.


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