Using Level Adjustment Layers in Adobe Photoshop

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Course Level

Level: Beginner

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Category: Photoshop Basics

Course Lessons

Lessons: 4

Course Time

Time: 30 Mins +

What you'll learn

How to add a layer adjustment layer
The different effects that can be achieved with adjustment layers
How to blend images using adjustment layers
How to use global adjustment layer to create unity in your compositions


In this course we will be adding layer adjustments to each of the layers with the source file. We will look to change the levels in order to better blend the images within the scene. This course is a continuation of “Choosing the Right Stock Images”, if you haven’t completed that course, no need to worry. You can start from this point using the source files provided.
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  • 30 Mins + of online learning
  • 5 in depth lessons
  • Level: Beginner
  • Unlimited access
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  • PSD and stock images includes