Stock Image Masterclass: Bringing Technology To life

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Course Level

Level: Advanced

Course Category

Category: Composition

Course Lessons

Lessons: 26

Course Time

Time: 8 Hours +

What you'll learn

How to choose the right stock images
How to correctly place stock images into your composition
How to edit your stock images with adjustment layers to match the lighting
How to edit your stock images with adjustment layers correct the contrast
How to blend stock images perfectly into your composition
How to build multiple scenes within one composition
How to create a complex photo manipulation with over 30 stock images
All the techniques required to composite images
Global adjustments to unify all the stock images within the composition


Technology has enabled so much in the 21st and 20th centuries. One of the greatest achievements of technology is it's power to connect people, lots of people, likeminded people. Communities are online and that's established a single "online" identity that transcends country or location.

Technology has enabled us to connect with our MC and IC community. It's given us the platforms to create these courses and try to teach the art form we all love!

Thank goodness for technology! And this course will bring technology to life, combining 42 unique stock images to create a stunning, spiralling news feed photo manipulation. It'll be reminiscent of the types of feeds we enjoy on Instagram and other social platforms, but communicating that reality in a beautiful, artistic, and interesting way.

This really is a stock image masterclass. We will start from scratch. Absolute zero. Nada. Then image by image, piece by piece, we will build our manipulation. Each image will be cut, placed and adjusted, creating a global lighting and color scheme that will not only create a wonderful piece of art, but communicate the abstract idea of technology being a spiralling, constant part of our lives. Remember, it's the concept as much as the execution that creates impact in your photo manipulated creations.

In total we will create 17 different news articles exploding from the news feed. That’ right, 17. This is a truly in-depth course that will advance your skills in composition, masking, lighting, highlights & shadows, Hue/Saturation, Levels and much much more.

After creating the composition, we will teach you some advanced final adjustments to really give out image that final edge... as we do with all of our courses!

So, buckle up, this is going to be a roller coaster ride into the depth of Photoshop and advanced photo Manipulation. Have you got what it takes?

Disclaimer: There are 346 steps, 26 lessons, 42 stock images, 2 loops and 17 themes on this Roller coaster. Learners will may experience severe brain expansion during this process (we've been reassured it's the Photoshop part of the brain that expands).
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  • 8 Hours + of online learning
  • 20 in depth lessons
  • Level: Advanced
  • Unlimited access
  • Access anywhere online
  • PSD and stock images includes