Vanishing Girls Double Exposure Tutorial by Emi Haze

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How to create an Emi Haze double exposure
How to blend the human head with the nature
How to user layer blend modes


Hi, I'm Emi Haze. This is my cover illustration for the Italian edition of “Vanishing Girls” the young adult novel by New York Times best selling author Lauren Oliver and it is based on the double exposure technique.

Double exposure or multiple exposure is a photographic technique that combines two or more different images into a single image. Traditionally, this is a technique in which the camera shutter is opened more the once to expose the film multiple times, usually to different images. Nowadays we can recreate a similar effect in Photoshop with the help of Blend Modes - Multiply, Screen, Overlay - in combination with various masks and appropriate selections.

Bringing together two or more photos creates a coherent image that can be beautiful, nostalgic or unsettling, depending on what photos you use and how you combine them.

With double exposure, you can create a surreal and fantastic world beyond our imagination.

The reason for using this technique varies, but they are surely created for the same purposes – beauty and uniqueness.
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