An Introduction to Photoshop’s Menus

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Level: Beginner

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Category: Photoshop Basics

Course Lessons

Lessons: 1

Course Time

Time: 30 Mins +

What you'll learn

What Photoshop's menus are
How to access items within the menus
What each menu is used for


The Photoshop Menu Bar contains 11 menus: File, Edit, Image, Layer, Type, 3D, View Select, Filter, View, Windows and Help. This shows you just how many features are jam packed into Photoshop (no actual jam is used in the packing).

We know this can seems a little scary at first; to see hundreds of options and settings. But once you start to familiarise yourself with the menus, you'll begin to understand the workings of Photoshop. It's from that foundation you learn and progress.

In this course we will look at each individual menu and what features can be found within. There are hidden gems within each menu, we will highlight them so you can start to understand where important features are located. This course is a general overview, nothing too taxing on the brain. We'll simply show you each menu, then give a brief description.

By the end of the course you will understand what each menu is, what can be found within, and any hidden gems we've discovered through experience.
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  • 30 Mins + of online learning
  • 1 in depth lessons
  • Level: Beginner
  • Unlimited access
  • Access anywhere online
  • PSD and stock images includes