How to Improve Photoshop’s Performance?

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Level: Beginner

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Category: Photoshop Setup

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Lessons: 1

Course Time

Time: 10 Mins +

What you'll learn

The relationship between performance and functionality
How to change how much memory Photoshop is allocated
How to adjust your cache levels
How to change the amount of history states Photoshop remembers
How to set your scratch disk preferences
How to change the background save options
How to change the settings for your GPU
How to declutter Photoshop to improve performance
How to use the efficiency indicator to monitor Photoshop's performance


Photoshop is an awesome piece of software, but there is nothing more frustrating than an awesome piece of software running slowly!

In this course we will take a look at how we can improve Photoshop's performance, helping you become more efficient in the tool.

We’ll cover everything from Layer thumbnails to Memory allocation. After completing this course you will know what settings you should be using to ensure you are getting the most from Photoshop.

We also appreciate there is a relationship between speed and functionality. We’ll outline how each setting affects functionality, and what that means for you as a Photoshop user. Everything we explain is for a purpose!
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