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Perfectly Blend Humans and Nature! (Advanced Blending Techniques)


In this course we will teach you how to professional blend using Layer Masks. In the 15 lessons we will only use 1 Layer Mask to blend two images together perfectly. We will show you all the little tips and tricks needed to create the perfect final image!

Blending is a skill that is used in all photo manipulations and compositions, so mastering it is vitally important. You can see from the final image just how impressive the results can be when done correctly.

Precision is key when blending, masking and making selections, we show you how to use the tools and techniques offered in Photoshop, in combination with a professional process. Be prepared to learn and take your blending skills to the next level.


15 Lessons


2 Hours +


Skill level: Intermediate


Software: Photoshop


Author:  Andrii Lenchuk


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