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How to Create the Most Advanced Double Exposure Effect in Adobe Photoshop


In this course you will learn how to combine 22 different stock images to create a stunning Double Exposure photo manipulation with a powerful deforestation meaning.

In recent years, double exposure effects have become more and more popular. Usually, it’s a relatively simple process combining 2 different stock images. However, we have taken this effect to the next level with some advanced Photoshop techniques.

We will use everything from the move tool to advanced Masking of Adjustment Layers to produce this effect. If you would like to know the full creative flow and really enhance the Photoshop section of you mind, this is the course for you.

We have broken the course down in to 26 easy to follow lessons to enable users of all abilities to follow along. The PSD files and stock images are also included.

Not only is this a great image, it’s also a great concept! Deforestation is happening every day around the word, this image gives a powerful message and how deforestation is destroying habitats for all animals.


26 Lessons


8+ Hours


Skill level: Advanced


Software: Photoshop


Author:  Andrii Lenchuk


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