How to Create an Awe-Inspiring Underwater City Photo Manipulation

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Level: Advanced

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Category: Photo Manipulation

Course Lessons

Lessons: 17

Course Time

Time: 10 Mins +

What you'll learn

How to create a seamless composition with advance techniques
How to retouch images within your composition to create the perfect scene
How to create an underwater effect using layer blend modes and layer masks
How to perform general color correction to create unity in your composition
How to user final adjustment layers to give your image a certain look and feel
How to structure and arrange your layers for an improved workflow


In this course, we will create a seamless underwater city photo manipulation.

We will be using various Photoshop techniques to create the stunning overall visual. This includes but is not limited to...

Layer blending modes for image blending
Precise cutting with the Pen Tool
Creating soft blends with the eraser tool
Color correction using adjustment layers

Using these Photoshop techniques we will create a highly unique image! This course is broken down into simple step by step instructions. Simply download the stock images and follow along.
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  • 10 Mins + of online learning
  • 18 in depth lessons
  • Level: Advanced
  • Unlimited access
  • Access anywhere online
  • PSD and stock images includes