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How to Create a Spectacular Ideas Explosion Photo Manipulation


Ideas are where it all begins with art. It’s particularly important with photo-manipulation as we need to select what images we’re going to use to create our masterpiece. We’ll explore the concept of ideas in this course with the creation of a beautiful image of ideas flowing from a young boy’s mind.

With over 20 images to manipulate in our composition, this is a pretty hefty piece! But our boy has a lot of ideas and interests and we need to make sure we capture them all! As always with our courses, you can download the images below.  

Every image that we place in our manipulation will need to be adjusted to ensure that there’s a global lighting and colour scheme. These balances are extremely important when making our surreal creations realistic in their composition. But don’t worry, we’ll be there with you every step of the way!

With 13 Lessons this free course will give you a great insight into the process and techniques used to create truly stunning images. Then, once done, you’ll be much better equipped to transfer these skills to personal projects and creations of your own.


13 Lessons


6 – 8 Hours


Skill level: Advanced


Software: Photoshop

Lets get cracking.

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