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How to Create a Misty Mystery Ocean Manipulation in Photoshop


In this course you will learn how to create a Misty Mystery Photo Manipulation from scratch using Adobe Photoshop. We will combine 5 stock images using our tried and tested techniques to produce the final effect.

To create the misty appearance we’ll focus on blending our images using Layer Mask to ensure each image is subtly added. Layer Adjustments also play a big part in this course, helping us adjust each image to our exact needs.

Once the composition is complete well edit the final image using global Adjustment Layer, altering the tones and final visual.
With 12 lessons, this misty Mystery course is precise, broken down and well structured. Giving you little tips and tricks whilst explain the full creative process.


12 Lessons


1 – 2 Hours


Skill level: Intermediate


Software: Photoshop


Author:  Andrii Lenchuk


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