Go Back In Time with History States – Adobe Photoshop

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Level: Beginner

Category: Photoshop Basics

Lessons: 8

Time: 10 Mins +

What you'll learn

What history state are
How to undo any action Photoshop (backwards)
How to redo any action in Photoshop (forward)
How to undo changes using the history panel
How to undo any changes in non-linear order
How to change the amount of history states Photoshop remembers


When working in Photoshop it’s important to know how to revert changes that you have made. Luckily, in photoshop, going back in time and reverting your changes is relatively straightforward.

In this course we'lll take a look at history states. History States are the best way to revert any changes that you have made. We are all human, so mistakes are possible, it’s knowing how to correct your mistakes that will save you both stress and time.

So what are you waiting for, let’s go backwards!
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  • 10 Mins + of online learning
  • 8 in depth lessons
  • Level: Beginner
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