Creating a Stunning Eagle Catching Fish Underwater Scene

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Course Level

Level: Intermediate

Course Category

Category: Photo Manipulation

Course Lessons

Lessons: 8

Course Time

Time: 2 Hours +

What you'll learn

How to create an underwater scene
How to composite multiple images into a single scene
How to create a realistic and perfectly blended splash effect
How to change the global color scheme using adjustment layers


In this Course you will learn how to create an underwater scene featuring an eagle hunting fish. First, you’ll learn how to create a realistic underwater environment. Once the environment is created, we will then combine several stock images to create the final composition.

Once the composition is complete we will then add those vital adjustment layer to really bring the image to life.
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  • 2 Hours + of online learning
  • 8 in depth lessons
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Unlimited access
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  • PSD and stock images includes