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Creating a Mystical Portal to New Dimensions in Adobe Photoshop

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Course Introduction

In this course, you will learn about methods of selection, basics of compositing, working with adjustment layers, and advanced layer masking. As well as creating artificial light that looks super realistic.

Personal Introduction

Creator of this course, Luke Renoe, is a visual artist and photographer from Denver, Colorado. He has been using Photoshop to create unique composite images for over 6 years. Although Luke started out as a self taught Photoshop artist for most of his visual art career, he graduated from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2016. Currently, Luke has recently completed a 365 project where one image is created everyday for a year in order to further his experience and make a strong body of work. The image you will be creating today was produced in February 2017 using only Luke’s original photographs.

Resources Used


4 Lessons


2 Hours +


Skill level: Advanced


Software: Photoshop

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