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Create a Supercar Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop


Supercars are extraordinary feats of engineering and simply beautiful objects. Cars are at the forefront of the technology and speed, so the images need to match that.

When we are retouching cars the main aim is to increase the wow factor. We want to give that extra POP and make sure the car jumps out from the image. That’s why we need to individually adjust the brightness/contrast and color correction for each element of the car. We will also create a custom backdrop for the car, giving an extra special backdrop.

Supercars encompass a lifestyle, so the whole image needs to reflect that. In this course we will show you exactly how to achieve that in simple, broken down lessons and steps.

So what you waiting for? Put your foot down and begin learning at full speed!!


11 Lessons


3 Hours +


Skill level: Intermediate


Software: Photoshop


Author:  Andrii Lenchuk


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