Create an Energetic Football Scene with Dynamic Lighting from Scratch

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Level: Advanced

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Category: Photo Manipulation

Course Lessons

Lessons: 17

Course Time

Time: 4 Hours +

What you'll learn

How to give your composition an energetic feel
How to turn an empty warehouse into a dynamic football scene
How to add smoke and adjust the contrast and color
How to realistically blend smoke with other images
How to add visual effects and dynamic lighting
How to add final adjustments to your composition


Who's looking forward to another awesome course?! Us. You. We. Let's get into some more creative euphoria!

In this course we'll be turning a bland, empty hanger into a buzzing football scene. We'll add 8 players into the scene creating a 4 vs 4 match.

It's not quite Old Trafford or the Nou Camp, but this scene gets at the street origins of football. It reminds us a little bit of Fifa Street... if anyone is a fan of that video game franchise!

When adding the players we'll remove all labelling, logo and kit branding (we've mentioned before that it's always a good idea to remove any branding from your creations. Presume your work is going to be used for commercial use remove anything that can be seen as copyright infringement. It's a good habit to get into) before changing the kit color. To finish the players off we'll adjust the lighting and color Balance to create a highly realistic final image.


We're also going to fill our scene with vibrant Pink and Blue smoke. This really helps our image POP and makes sure the eyes of your audience are attracted to your creation like football and colour loving magnets. We’ll learn how to cut and blend smoke which is no easy task (so get ready to learn an awesome an awesome tool to your manipulation... errr... toolbox).

Additionally, we'll create advanced colored reflections caused by the vibrant lighting effects. No detail is left unnoticed in this course.

Finally, we'll teach you some advanced techniques to give your image the final edge it needs to make it a manipulation masterpiece; techniques that can be used in all your future photo manipulations.

There are 17 lessons of action packed learning; with 298 steps of knowledge to be absorbed into the creative side of your brains. We use Text, Screenshots and Process gifs to dig deep and explain the methodology behind the skills. Download all the assets and follow along, or simply download the PSD file and investigate yourself.

What you waiting for? Kick off is in a few minutes! Get those shinpads on!

Disclaimer: You don't need to wear shinpads during this course.
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  • 4 Hours + of online learning
  • 18 in depth lessons
  • Level: Advanced
  • Unlimited access
  • Access anywhere online
  • PSD and stock images includes