Create Awesome Effects with Photoshop’s Blur Filters

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Level: Beginner

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Category: Image Edits

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Lessons: 3

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Time: 30 Mins +

What you'll learn

How to use the Gaussian Blur filter
How to user the Path Blur filter
How to use the Spin Blur filter
How to turn any wheel from static to spinning
How to make any car look like it's travelling at speed.
blurring using perspective with the path Blur filter


In this course, we are going to take a look at three super effective blur filters in Adobe Photoshop.

Gaussian Blur - Used super frequently and can be used in many scenarios

Path Blur - Create a super realistic blur using perspective. We will use this to give the appearance of motion to a supercar

Spin Blur - Perfect for creating radial blurs. We will use this filter to give the appears of the wheels spinning on a car.

Photoshop's Blur filters can give super-realist and quick results, and in this lesson, we'll give you all the know-how to achieve those results.

So jump right in, get started and get blurring
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  • 30 Mins + of online learning
  • 3 in depth lessons
  • Level: Beginner
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  • PSD and stock images includes