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Create a Tropical Connecting with Nature Photo Manipulation


Who doesn’t love nature? There is something about the great outdoors that each and every one of us can connect with. The fresh morning breeze, a juicy ripe fruit or even a love of animals. With all this in mind we thought… let’s create an image that connects humans with nature. A connection that takes us back to our humble beginnings.

So, in this course we will take a woman waking up from a sleep looking through her double doors into nature. However, nature has invaded her bedroom and she is surrounded by tropical animals and plants creating a seamless blend between the modern-day home and a tropical forest.

In this course we will combine 34 stock images in 12 lessons to produce our final image. From butterflies to red pandas to ripe bananas, our image will be filled with “tropicalness” – yes, we kind of made that word up for impact! With over 200 steps of learning you’ll expand your knowledge on composition, lighting, shadows, Adjustment Layers, Blending Modes and much more.

So be prepared for this deep track into the depths of Photoshop, there is plenty for you to learn (there is also a small chance you’ll book a trip to the amazon… can we come?)


12 Lessons

4 Hours +

Skill level: Advanced


Software: Photoshop


Author: Andrii Lenchuk


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