Create a Chilling Winter Photo Manipulation Scene in Adobe Photoshop

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Level: Advanced

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Category: Photo Manipulation

Course Lessons

Lessons: 14

Course Time

Time: 7 Hours +

What you'll learn

How to create a chilling winter Photo manipulation in Photoshop
How to blend multiple images into one dynamic scene
How to create multiple mini scenes within the main scene
how to add a snow overlay effect
How to perform final adjustments to create a cold feel
How to cut and blend images
How to professionally use adjustment layers


Any photo can be transformed into a work of art using Adobe Photoshop. You’ve only got to look at some of the artist’s we’ve featured in our article section to know this is true!

But like any art form, there’s a combination of things that go into making something truly brilliant and artistic. You need a concept, first and foremost; an idea that captures the imagination of an audience. Photoshop gives you the platform to create absolutely anything with a realistic finish.

Beyond a concept, you also need skill, time, and a great eye for detail. In this course we’ll work on combining all of these elements so that we can transform a simple, basic image into a magical winter concept.

We’ll be taking the base photo of a man looking into an empty refrigerator (not the most exciting of images!) and create a snowy winter scene on each shelf and draw; it’ll be as surreal as you can get inside of a refrigerator! As well as building the base image we’ll be exploring masking techniques, colour correction techniques, and learning how to combine images to give a realistic final look.

A little note, this is an extremely in-depth tutorial that contains over 300 steps. But once complete, you’ll have a great understanding of what it takes to create a complex digital artwork.
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