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Choosing the Right Stock Images


An idea has whirled it’s way into our minds. We can see what we want to create. It’s super clear. But to make this idea a photo-manipulated reality we need to make sure we find and choose the right stock images to use and successfully translate our ideas into a beautiful composition.

We’ve got an idea for a cosmic motocross biker speeding across the galactic sands of an unknown planet. We’ll work together to find a photo of a biker, a cosmic scene, and other elements needed to make this idea work in photoshop.

This is a beginner course created to help you choose the right stock images for your photo-manipulations. We also include tips on perspective, lighting, and sources to find the best stock images. Without this elements, an idea might just stay an idea. With our info and tips, you’ll be better equipped to turn all of your ideas into incredible pieces of art.


3 Lessons


30 Mins – 1 Hour


Skill level: Beginner


Software: Photoshop


Author: Andrii Lenchuk


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