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Advance Beauty Retouching Techniques in Adobe Photoshop


In this course we will teach you the most advanced photo retouching and post production beauty techniques. Using 10 different techniques we turn this portrait image into a truly stunning visual that could be used for magazines, product images, fashion… the list goes on.
Beauty comes from within but in the modern era, the strive for visual perfection is in the forefront of people’s minds. In this course we will teach you how to achieve that level of perfection. Here are a few techniques that we will use…

Face Reshaping using the Liquify Tool, Removing Pimples with the Clone Stamp Tool, Blemish Removal using the Patch tool, Frequency Separation for skin improvements, Dodging and Burning.

Once we have completed all tasks, we will then perform the final assembling and give a few extra closing tips. The techniques you will learn can be applied to any other image that you edit.

We use beautiful techniques in 12 lessons to create beautiful portrait imagery!


12 Lessons


1 Hour +


Skill level: Advanced


Software: Photoshop


Author:  Andrii Lenchuk


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