Learn how to become a Photoshop master with these insanely good Photoshop tutorials, each Photoshop tutorial has been posted in 2017. Previously we posted the best Photoshop tutorials in 2016 which was one of our most viewed articles of the year. Our mission in this post is to bring you guys the best Photoshop tutorials of 2017. We will be updating regularly so be sure to check back to see the latest and greatest…

All the articles that we feature in this post are carefully selected and will help you drastically improve your Photoshop Skills.

As we mentioned in our previous roundup, these Photoshop tutorials assume a basic level of Photoshop knowledge. If you are new to Photoshop then checkout these basic tutorials that will bring you up to speed and help you learn the essentials.

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Creating a Stunning Eagle Catching Fish Underwater Scene

photoshop tutorial eagle final

In this photoshop tutorial you will learn how to create an underwater scene featuring an eagle hunting fish. First, you’ll learn how to create a realistic underwater environment. Once the environment is created, we will then combine several stock images to create the finals composition.

Once the composition is complete we will then add those vital adjustment layer to really bring the image to life.

Create a Chilling Winter Photo Manipulation Scene in Adobe Photoshop

photoshop tutorial Winter_Coming_Soon_original

Any photo can be transformed into a work of art using Adobe Photoshop. This requires a concept, additional materials, skill, time and a great eye for detail. In this tutorial you will learn to combine all of these elements and transform a simplistic image into a magical winter concept.

We will be taking the base photo of a man looking into an empty refrigerator, and create a snowy winter scene on each shelf and draw. As well as building the base image we will be exploring masking techniques, color correction techniques and learning to combine images to give a realistic final look.

This is a very in depth tutorial with over 300 steps, but once complete, you will have a great understanding of what it takes to create a complex digital artwork.

Create an Exhilarating Morning Traffic Scene in Adobe Photoshop

 photoshop tutorialMorning_Traffic_Tutorial_original

When you create a complex scene it’s very important to determine the correct perspective of objects and their lighting. In this tutorial we will learn to add objects to the environment, to edit, place and adjust the color.

We will start by building the base image of the forest, before adding the two mountain bikers. Once we have these elements added, we will then add a herd of deer that are running across the path. The meeting of the bikers and the deer will be dynamic and emotional.

Once our composition is complete, we will make our final adjustments to really make the overall image pop!

Reincarnation – Advanced Lighting, Composition and Color Correction

 photoshop tutorial Reincarnation_Tuturial_original

When creating projects in Photoshop sometimes there is an idea to replace or add some elements to an existing image. Then you spend valuable time finding the stock photos you want, but they are not suitable to your original image because of the perspective and lighting. At this point you can spend a lot of time looking for other images, or carefully modify the found images in Photoshop.

In this photoshop tutorial you will learn how to carefully modify images to create one highly realistic image, similar to a photograph.

We will blend the crocodile skin onto the existing tyres with emphasis on lighting and color tone. It’s a complicated skill but we will repeat the steps multiple times in this tutorial to make sure it sticks in your mind.

We will also add other elements to the foreground to add interest and depth.

Manipulation Masterclass – Create an Eye Catching Athletic Island Manipulation

photoshop tutorial Athletic_Island_Original

In this photoshop tutorial we will be create a floating “Athletic island” in the shape of the letter “A”, which represents the theme, Athletics.

We will start by creating the floating island using images from nature, cutting, scaling and adjusting the images to create a realistic and believable island effect.

Once the island is created we will be adding 9 athletes to the scene to create a real athletics theme. By adding the athletes we will create action and drama.

You will learn many techniques in this course, the main one being how to combine over 30 images to create an intriguingly dynamic final image.

How to Create a Stunning Dreamy Landscape composition

photoshop tutorial Dreamy_Landscape_Original

In this Photoshop Tutorial we will make a dreamy landscape inside a frame of clouds, giving the appearance of a dream. Once we have created the frame of clouds, will place inside various interesting images including mountains, birds and flying elements. The concept is to create a “Dreamy landscape” that appears to be ideas from the base image of the woman lying in the grass. This course will show you how to create an intriguing final image from 21 stock images.

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