Our journey started with a passion for photo-manipulation and composition.

We started Manipulation Clan to support and curate the work of incredible artists we admired. After a year our community surpassed 100k followers; a community of incredibly passionate, talented, and interactive people.

After receiving many requests for advice, information, and guides, we decided to take their requests seriously and build a learning platform specifically designed to support this community.

Photo-manipulation allows incredible artists to transfer their imagination to an image (made from multiple images). Think of something beyond your wildest dreams. Bend the laws of physics. Imagine the unreal. This can all be communicated and realised with photo-manipulation and composition.

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There are many photoshop courses out there that do a wonderful job at demonstrating the software. We wanted to demonstrate photo-manipulation, specifically. We wanted to enable our community of thousands and give them the information, context, and step-by-step guides to learn the craft, but also learn how to apply this knowledge and information to their own creations.

Our courses are made by expert photo-manipulators. They’re detailed. They’re text, image, and process Gif based so you can learn step-by-step. We give context to why certain things are done and how it can be used in your own creations, and it’s all online.

Eample Image from our Course (hover to zoom)

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