If you haven’t heard about Dawlaz, then you have now. He is an awesome creative based in Turin, Italy. Not only does he create awesome Photo manipulations he is also a Graphic and Web Designer. Putting that creative brain to good use.

There are a couple of his artworks that drew our attention, Butterfly and Fireland, in particular, both are presented below. He has also created artwork for Desktopograph (If you haven’t heard of Desktopography, Check it out).

All the Photo Manipulations that Dawlaz creates are well executed with great attention to detail. The lighting is always balanced with correct shadows and the overall compositions feel balanced. We love them, hope you do too…


If you are reading this, I want to thank you for your attention! It’s the comments, social shares and website visitors that make the blogging worthwhile. Thank you for following along and for reading our content! Don’t forget to go and checkout all of Fabio’s awesome work here

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