There are some platforms that are perfect for the sharing and curation of art. Instagram is one of those places. Instagram artists are one of our central sources of inspiration. Since our Instagram, Manipulation Clan, began we’ve spent many a long evening and weekend admiring the incredible Instagram artists sharing their photo-manipulation and compositing work.

This article is a compilation of some of our favourites; those we look to for inspiration and hope you find the same level of inspiration too.

Instagram is a platform close to our heart. It allowed us to grow our community to an amazing level, meet incredible Instagram artists, get to know them, and work closely with some of them. Instagram is a visual sea of talented pieces and compositions. A few hashtag searches, a few follows, and a few hours after researching the artists on Instagram, your feed can be a swipeable flow of inspiration.

There’s a variety of artists below. Many we’ve shared the work of on Manipulation Clan. Each of them bring their own unique style and approach to photo-manipulation and composition, each create imaginative images that force our jaws to the floor. It’s super fun spending time admiring and looking at the incredible minds of these artists on Instagram – and now on our website!


Instagram Name: art.side

Instagram Name: novanshocker

Instagram Name: eye.c

Instagram Name: septianba

Instagram Name: sublimenation

Instagram Name: nak_bali_

Instagram Name: noahx

Instagram Name: forwardtrends

Instagram Name: ditpict

Instagram Name: rizkiw_

Instagram Name: this_cool_dad

Instagram Name: fultonhobbs

Instagram Name: korvostills

Instagram Name: p22_art

Instagram Name: one_santi

Instagram Name: googleshits_

Instagram Name: casualtyofcool

Instagram Name: annamcnaughty

Instagram Name: stuart_holroyd

Instagram Name: rsvn_

Instagram Name: aeforia

Instagram Name: tekinturee

Instagram Name: sir.realist_designs

Instagram Name: antonsquare

Instagram Name: realitylvn

Instagram Name: tantago

Instagram Name: _intographics

Instagram builds connections with likeminded people, it gives you an audience to share your work and creations, it’s amazing for creating relationships, and even better at being inspired by the work of other Instagram artists.

If you’re interested on creating images like those we’ve shared above, we can help. Inspiration Clan has a premium membership packed with in-depth, self-taught, step-by-step courses that take our learners through every part of photo manipulation and compositing. We’re constantly growing our course list and plan on making our website the biggest resource for inspiration and learning for this art online.

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