Inspiration Clan was born from the Instagram, Manipulation Clan. You should check us out at
The instagram account is one year’s old (if Instagram’s have an age!)
Today we reached 100,000 followers.
Let’s say that again. 100,000. FOLLOWERS! Wow.
We never expected sharing incredible photo manipulations would inspire so many users. But we’re so happy it did! And does.
The community on Instagram is wonderful. So many creative, inspiring, and talented people.
We can’t wait for all that’s to come in the next year. Inspiration Clan will go through some changes (awesome ones, we promise!!!).
Thanks to everyone who follows us at Manipulation Clan. You’re the best!
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  1. renzoprocaccio

    Congrats guys! You’re awesome and the work you’re doing with this site and all courses and tutorials is INCREDIBLE!. I’m a photographer from Venezuela, i’ve just starting to learn about photomanipulation and i really want to thank you for all the oportunities you’ve give to me with this free month on your site. The thinks in my country are very complicated right now by socio-political-economic problems and its so heavy to everybody have the access to the online courses. I really apreciated you and thank you so much